Seco Yachting - Global Services

SECO Yachting is a subsidiary of SECO GLOBAL SERVICES dedicated to yachting services.

SECO Yachting in La Ciotat and Antibes is a part of the “Fetis” family owned group of companies with a worldwide presence, employing more than 500 people with an established leadership in hydraulic systems in France with major partnerships with brands such as REXROTH and DANFOSS.

Through our numerous operational sites in Nantes, La Rochelle, Mauritius, Barcelona, Istanbul and Izmir, we provide our services through fully equipped workshops offering a wide range of hydraulic stock components, a Design and Engineering Office and our own training centers.

Our vision

picto entreprise humaine

To be a company with a humane dimension and a team based on solidarity and trust
“Alone we go faster, together we go further!”

picto technicité

Always offering a high level of technical expertise with great added value

picto RSE

Committed to sustainable development goals, offering innovative solutions for yachts

Our Strategy

picto offre de service

Continuously developing our services offered

picto amélioration continue

Always looking at how to improve our services

picto poignée de mains

Strengthening our partnerships and developing new ones

picto formation

In-house training for workers

La Ciotat, France


La rochelle

Yachting Experts

Technicians trained in yacht standards of cleanliness and yacht protection
Hydraulic and technical training centers
REXROTH and DANFOSS Certified Repair Center

Customer Satisfaction

On-site and attentive customer service
Quick response time
A bilingual team dedicated to yachting
Straight forward and clear quotations
Interventions possible internationally

Efficiency of Missions

Coordinating planning and respecting delivery times
Detailed technical reports in English and French
Experts in standard yachting components
Workshop with bench testing on-site


Guillaume MARTINETTI : Business Manager

Guillaume is our Business Manager and is in charge of the business development at both agencies at SECO YACHTING. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the field. 😉

His strength as a leader of the team is in bringing out the good qualities of his team and ensuring the right focus on delivering the best value to our customers. He upholds The Golden Rules of human values and gives the chance to each team member to develop and evolve within the enterprise. Guillaume is a firm believer of the saying “Alone, I go faster, together we go further!”

In his free time, Guillaume likes to unwind with diverse activities such as jogging, snowboarding, tennis, cooking, mechanics, sport mechanics, carting and racing.

Ulrich COURTOIS : Technical Coordinator - La Ciotat

Originally from New Caledonia, he is at ease with English and working in the yachting culture. With degrees in engineering and his extensive experience in the technical field, he takes the capabilities of the team to a higher level.

Ulrich understands what our clients need: yachting standards of cleanliness, rigorous organization, accuracy and getting the job done right. In his own words: “There are no problems, only solutions”. Something he appreciates about Seco Yachting is the importance it puts on delivering high quality results to its clients.

To relax, you can find him surfing the waves of La Ciotat.

Stéphane LELUIN : Technical Coordinator - Antibes

Stephane is in charge of our office in Antibes and manages everything from A to Z with your project. With 20 years of experience working in shipyards, going from yacht to yacht, he has unquestionably acquired the technical experience and people skills needed to succeed in this field.

With SECO YACHTING since the beginning, he has given a lot of himself to the company so it succeeds and has proven his loyalty. He is appreciated by his coworkers and by our clients. We consider ourselves lucky to have him on our team.

Elodie TESTARDO : Technical and Administrative Coordinator - Antibes

Elodie is our Technical and Administrative Coordinator for our agency in Antibes. Originally from Cannes, she is delighted to be working near her home town. Elodie is spirited and rigorous in her work, never shying away from a new challenge as she takes her job seriously.

She takes the company a step higher every day and she only leaves one choice for herself and others: to succeed.

Erin CLEMENTS : Administrative and Communications Assistant

Originally from California, Erin is passionate about her job and has many years of experience working at La Ciotat Shipyards.

Erin does not only provide us with accurate English translations, but adds a pleasant and positive international dimension to our business. She is our backbone for all our administration and communication needs. With her passion for people and her growing knowledge of yachting, she acts as a solid interface between the company and our customers always giving a 100% to address your concern. With her positive attitude and unwavering enthusiasm, no matter what the challenges, you can be sure she will find the solution for every problem.

You can find her once a month animating a Café Expatriates in La Ciotat.

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